Strict attention to detail incorporates a fully documented Quality Assurance Program to verify accuracy through every stage of manufacturing.

A total commitment to quality includes:

A regularly scheduled machine tool and inspection equipment calibration to ensure the completed product meets your technical specification.
CNC machines are calibrated to accuracy within .0002 positioning.
To maintain accuracy, all set-ups are performed on leveled tables.
Drawings can be transferred electronically via DXF/IGES format to save time, reduce costs and keep the project on schedule.
Final and full section is performed on all the parts, prior to shipment.

Quality Control Equipment List
1. 1 Starret Coordinate measuring Machine (CMM) 12X12
2. 1 Mitoyo Digital Height Gauge 18”
3. 1 Mitoyo Height Gauge 24”
4. 2 Mitoyo Height Gauge 18”
5. 1 Miyoyo Height Gauge 12”
6. 1 Set of Microscope 01”to 12’
7. 1 Set of Depth Micrometer 1” to 9”
8. 15 Set of Deltronic Pin gauge
9. 1 Set of Digital Caliper 6” to 12”
10. 6 set of Pin Gauge .060” to .750”

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